TMX Park - Texas Motocross Park


Trolleys—While balancing on two boards holding yourself up with ropes, your team will need to "walk" across an area without falling off the boards.

All Aboard—This activity requires great strategy and team balance. You are required to balance as many of your fellow team mates on a 2' x 2' platform. The record is 16! Can your team beat it?

The Plunge—Your team will catch you as you take a plunge from an elevated platform.

Rickety Bridge—Your team will have to keep this platform balanced without either end touching the ground.

Gilligan's Rescue—Your team will need to navigate from one island to the next while using only two planks to connect one island to the next.

The Wall—Each team will help each person successfully scale a 12 foot wall.

Spider Web—Your team will help each individual move through a rope web without touching the web itself. Be careful you don't want to get caught in the spider's web!

Key Hole—This activity will require your team to maneuver each participant through a small key hole preparing them for tougher elements to come.

Cat Walk—Each team member will walk a cylinder shaped balance beam 20 feet long.

Magic Carpet—This virtual activity will have your team suspended 10,000 feet above the ground on a flying carpet with the objective to flip the carpet completely over without your team falling off the carpet and virtually to the ground.

Reach for the Sky—This activity will require communication, team strength, and strategy in order to remove the "metal noodle" from a 12 foot pole in its erect position.

Canyons—This element is an element where you team is atop logs suspended about 1 foot above the ground to where your team task it to transport toxic paintball from one end of the course to the other without spilling or dropping the container.  Once the team spills the toxic paint into your safety container, the activity is complete.

The Ladder—The Ladder incorporates all the skills your team learned throughout the day.  You and your team  must erect a 15' ladder and keep it balanced with four 25' ropes. Then each will rotate climbing to the top grabbing a pin and bringing it to the ground. The task is complete once everyone has "rescued a pin!"

Mini Zip Line—75' zip across Devil's Gorge used in the Downed Pilot Scenario Package

Zip Line—Your ultimate teambuilding experience can include a zip along a suspended cable hanging over a water.